1st Semester Slides

The presentations from the 1st semester of my class series at Columbia is on the blog. The course title was “Topics in Computer Science: Modern Internet Application Development.” The course was fall 2014 and there were 44 students. I had to take several diversions from “modern” and cover basic concepts like application design patterns and best practices.

The links are: lecture9-v2 lecture7-v3 lecture6-v1 lecture5-v2 lecture4-v3 lecture3-v1 lecture8-v1 Introduction-v2. I need to clean up the slide sets and merge into a single narrative but the raw material is available.

WSO2Con Keynote

I am giving the closing keynote at WSO2Con USA. I had the honor of spending time with the CEO Sanjiva, who is a good friend from IBM. Saniva and I worked together at IBM. I remember when Paul Freemantle and he left to found WSO2. WSO2 has become an amazing start. The breadth, implementation and integration of the portfolio is astounding, and the size of the conference is gratifying.

I have attached my keynote.


Why my Own Blog

A couple of friends have asked me why I am running my own WordPress instance on my own site/server.  There are many SaaS hosted blogging engines that are more sophisticated. Being hosted, the engines are more secure and require less management tinkering.

The basic answer is that installing and managing things like WordPress or Drupal is a learning experience. I have to look at DB configurations, directory structures and sometime the code.