COMSe6998 — Modern Serverless Apps, Lecture 4 Slides

The slides for lecture 4 (29-Sep-2016). The core topics are:

  • Simple architecture and design documentation concepts.
  • Defining interfaces using Swagger, and what makes a good interface.
  • “Programmable Web” and the role of using APIs.
  • Expanding the project to start calling web APIs, address verification in this case.


Lecture 4 Slides

22-Sep-2016 Lecture: Lecture 3: REST API and Lambda Patterns, Programmable Web

Slides attached.

Topics include:

  1. Some design patterns for building good REST interfaces, e.g. using linked data and HATEAOS.
  2. The role of Swagger and Swagger hub. This include use as:
    1. Methodology and way to think about building services.
    2. Tools for accelerating development.
    3. Relationship to Serverless apps.




Slides for 15-September Lecture in COMSE 6998 — Modern Serverless Applications

I have uploaded the slides for the 15-September lecture in my class (lecture2-v0.7).

The topics:

  1. Discussion of Serverless relative to Microservices.
  2. Allusions to some design patterns for serverless app. implementation.
  3. Starting to use DynamoDB.
  4. End-to-end walkthrough of the elements/code of a simple NodeJS/DynamoDB Lambda function.

The lectures will evolve from tutorials/context to deeper overviews of the material once I know that the students can implement a simple end-to-end function.