New Project

I am working on the technology supporting a startup. We are building a completely “serverless” solution on Amazon Web Services. Some elements of ┬áthe architecture are in the diagram. Our primary focus has been on the application logic (Lambda), data (relational), static website content and AngularJS delivery from S3, and publishing APIs via the Api Gateway. All of the project management, collaboration (Slack), source code control and build is cloud based. We will be adding capabilities in the next milestone, and these will exploit some of the AWS features in the diagram as well as some not depicted (Cognito, DynamoDB, …)

I have also been doing some front-end and backend work to integrate with social media, initial Facebook.

I will post subsequent blogs about my experience, which have been interesting being an old middleware/infrastructure software product architect/CTO. I am learning a tremendous amount if interesting concepts.

I plan to talk about experience, including the transition from more standard applications, at Serverlessconf in May.