Spring 2017 Class

An outline and initial agenda for my spring class at Columbia University is below.


Modern *-as-a-Service Applications

The original focus of cloud computing/solutions was infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service. The cloud has broadened to to encompass many forms of X-as-a-Service. This course will focus on a set of technologies for building cloud spanning applications and solutions based on as-a-service technology. Specific topics will include:

  1. Basic foundational concepts, especially the basics of building REST APIs.
  2. Function-as-a-Service/Serverless technology, e.g. AWS Lambda.
  3. Platform-as-a-Service as an extension of core application functionality and data models, e.g. Force.com.
  4. Integration Platform-as-a-Service, e.g. Boomi.com, SnapLogic.
  5. Data-as-aService, e.g. DynamoDB, GrapheneDB/Neo4J.
  6. Business-rules-as-a-service.
  7. Security-as-aservice
  8. API management.
  9. Programmable web.
  10. Tool and workspace integration, e.g. Slack.

The course will teach the concepts by incrementally building a simple, cloud spanning application that integrates business APIs and develops new functions using X-as-a-Service capabilities. The coursework will be a a series of small team projects that incrementally builds the solution.

Modern Serverless Application Development Course: 20-Oct-2016 Lecture

I have added my lecture slides from 20-Oct-2016. The main topics:

  1. Building and deploying the “static” content for a serverless web application using S3.
  2. Introduction to message queuing/driven applications and SQS.
  3. Introduction to higher layer content management systems.